Saturday, May 26, 2012


Finally the day came when Trader Sam's unveiled their new MUGS!

As a proud patron & regular at the park, I came early (actually missed opening by 15 minutes due to traffic), and finally got my mitts on a Uh O'A Bowl & a Trader Sam's Rum Barrel (which was filled with their Shipwreck'd on the Rocks, which has bourbon.. boo) The crowd was very ecstatic and even at 11:45 am, the place was hopping with patrons. I sat alongside a fellow Disney tiki connoisseur I met last year at the first day of Sam's operation and we were both floored.

As you can see here, this is the UH O'A Bowl. Finely crafted to mirror the bowls they first used when the bar opened. On the 4 corners stand tiki gods with hollow tops to add the cinnamon & nutmeg garnishes that you toss on the open flame. Such a GREAT piece and extremely worth the trip since I love collecting Tiki bowls, they are awfully rare finds. This one also has small straw holes on the sides for your drinking needs but we found it easier to toss em' on the top & be able to maneuver them with better ease.

Of course the crowning touch is the "First Edition" on the bottom of the mug, which to any collector makes things all the better & rare! As far as the manufacturer I totally forgot to ask, it says made in china but I am in fact curious as to who made these & what was the run. Any one know?

Secondly we have the Rum Barrel...

Now this vessel was the hottest piece at the bar, seeing people walking out with close 3 at a time! I purchased 2 because they are more of a practical drinking vessel and remind me of the Bahooka mug that Sven Kirsten made, and definitely close to the Don the Beachcomber barrel and the Smuggler's cove version.

Shown here you can see that the barrel has a cool black glaze on the inside when usually you see just the typical glaze of the exterior. Above you see the cool marking on the base with again the "1st Edition" proudly displayed on the bottom. Such a great barrel and I wish I had 10 of these!!!

Both of these pieces were very lightweight & feel very nice in your hand. I was completely happy to be at the bar during the day and then again in the evening. When I left close to 11, people were still buying them so it seems they have a pretty good stock so far. How long will they last..? Only Sam will telll.

If you're a socal local & tiki lover, get on over and get one while they last!

On an awesome sidenote: I ran into Josh Agle aka SHAG at the park as well! Walking in Adventureland with a Disney employee showing her the Enchanted Tiki Room. It was a very cool moment chatting with him about Disney, the Tiki Ti, and various characters we've run into.. real nice guy!!

Any comments or questions? POST!

Dark & Tiki.. Signing off..