Thursday, February 16, 2012

So sorry for the delays & absence..


I'm sure anyone that comes across my blog thinks I've abandoned it. Well that is certainly NOT true.

I've been seriously swamped with just regular life stuff, separate blogs and such..

But I am HERE and I am going to actually write a long one this time!

so I've been doing LOTS of hunting for vintage Disneyana.. more so the Enchanted Tiki Room & the Haunted Mansion. 2 of my favorite attractions at our beloved park and a must-do anytime I'm there. (which will be tomorrow!)

Recently we did Dapper Day which was an amazing event in the Park. Tons of amazing fellow Disney Disciples dressed in their best whether it be 20's, 30's 40's or modern! Walking around the park, eating popcorn from boxes, sporting caps, ladies with their parasols, ..the works. It was such a great day and event, and of course ending it at the AMAZING Trader Sam's!

..just a couple of park shots I happen to take, and realizing I didn't take THAT many of the patrons!

So that was the most recent, before that we did visit Don the Beachcomber for their Tiki Marketplace which was a nice gathering of local merchants selling their awesome goods. Bamboo Ben was there, Sven Kirsten, local Tiki-Central Forum friends & new faces of course.. Always a pleasure seeing and meeting friends, and do not fret, they have another one in the works! <= click that for the Facebook event page, and here's some shots from the last one!

just a couple of shots from the Marketplace including Bamboo Ben's table (middle) and Al Evans' table (bottom)

So before that were LOTS of Disneyland treks and I could go on and on about that..

So I'll definitely work on some more vintage bar stories & record releases!


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