Wednesday, July 21, 2010

EVENT: Tiki Ti Rum Punch!

once again, and 3 TIMES is a charm, the Tiki Ti brings us back to their Rum Punch! I missed the first one by hours, I got to the 2nd one right at 4pm, and this week (tomorrow), I'll be there front and center properly.

Let me tell you about the Rum punch...

It was HEAVEN, especially on such a hot day, ..those of you in LA can vouch that last week was a scorcher and not so much this week for whatever reasons.

Ok but the punch tasted like taking a bite of a peach, or an apricot.. or some kind of amazing fruit and you barely taste the booze. Good or Bad? Well, I had about 4 of em and really felt the buzz after the first 2 really.

CMON out tomorrow!!

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