Thursday, July 8, 2010

EVENTS: quite a few on the horizon!

hello my dark & tiki aficionados..

I've been pretty busy lately working on the site, and getting some new things up. I've just been SLACKING on telling you!

So the newest events that are on the horizon is the ever so popular Tiki Oasis!
Aug. 19th-22nd at the Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resort in San Diego, the Tiki Oasis proves to be the superior tiki weekend on the West Coast.

There will be LOTS to do, and I suggest you book a room if you plan on going. The main hotel has been sold out for some time  now, but the surrounding ones are still open..

If you need more info, just visit Tiki Oasis' website for all the info you need.

Also coming up..

Tonight for starters.. the Tiki-Ti in Hollywood is having a $5 Rum Punch day! From 4 till they run out, they'll be selling their super secret and classic Tiki Rum Punch from a huge container that is being made, probably as we speak..

I imagine this will go QUICK but you need to come down early if you want a taste..

Tiki Oasis in August..

Then there's Mondo Lounge III : Palm Springs Weekend! This was a recent find for me, and I'm absolutely excited for this. A full weekend for all those who love: "Mid Century Modernism, Las Vegas, Hollywood glamour, lounge culture, Rat Pack shennanigans, Martinis, cocktails, vintage fashion, space age, atomic age, exotica (ala Les Baxter, Esquivel), the fox trot, Eames era style, 1950s, 1960s style, Bachelor Pad, minks and black tie, Sean Connery era James Bond, sterophonic sound, nightclub acts ala the Hot Box Girls and the GoldDiggers" as stated on the event page.

I've recently become converted to the PROPER world of mid-century modernism and it's amazing interiors. You have companies like IKEA that are completely ruining that image, and when you see a proper Eames home you suddenly realize what a beauty it is.

So the other one I got waiting for is the Tiki Farm Exhibit at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Feliz. That will be another great gathering of the Tiki-Philes and will occur on Oct. 19th I believe? will run for about a week or so.. So come out for that!!

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