Thursday, September 23, 2010

DARKandTIKI tumblr!

In case you didn't know, I have a DARKandTIKI tumblr that I update very frequently!

If you're following my Twitter (@DARKandTIKI) you'll see I have joined the feeds and will post TONS of stuff. Apologies if it's a bit much but I try to get those pictures out there for your visual amusement!

MUCH thanks to for existing and having SO many amazing pages of Vintage Polynesian Pop / Tiki stuff! This website has gems upon gems of old menus, matchbooks, brochures, .. you name it!

So I've been cheating and using tons of their stuff (hope they don't mind) to make flyers for my DJ gig that I do twice a month at the Black Boar Bar in Eagle Rock!

It's called ALOHA from HELL! and I spin alot of 60's garage, surf, and the likes and it's a pretty rompy night! If you're ever out in the East end of town, come on down and have a drink!

Untill the next post!

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