Monday, June 28, 2010

a 10 day HIATUS

not to fear, I haven't given up. I have been hard at work building a new podcast, and some new discussions to bring up in this blog of mine..

a little recap on what I've been up to,
  •  Mid Century Modern furniture hunting! I moved into a new place fairly recently and I've been redecorating everything to suit our Mid Century building and give it more vintage interior to match the exterior!
  • DRINKS. I just picked up Beachbum Berry's Remixed book, so I've been learning a TON of new drinks. I learned 2 new details. 1) you must make your own fruit juice. No questions asked. ESPECIALLY lime + lemon juices. 2) certain alcohols make a WORLD of difference when making Tropical drinks.
  • TV! Of course being the dark + sinister person I am, there is the cult of True Blood and now I am TRYING to catch up with Mad Men. If you're of the vintage noir persuasion I highly suggest you get into this show.
  • BARS. As much as I love my beloved Tiki Ti, I need to venture out and abroad to bring you more exciting new bars if you're NEW to all of this. Next on the list is the Purple Orchid. I need to get out there and check out that little slice of heaven in El Segundo.

That's a fairly quick roundup of everything and hopefully today I'll have time to make a new MUSIC write up on the scariest band in the world.. DEADBOLT!

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