Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MUSIC: Bohren & der Club of Gore, a perfect score to a darkened bar..

If any of you know me personally, you'll know that I'm a huge snob with the music I like. When I use the term 'snob' I mean it as a person that knows my shit, and I don't mess around with loosely listening to a band. I'm either fully in it, or nothing at all. Bohren & der Club of Gore is one of those bands that I can listen to all day and night, and NEVER get bored of it.
With seriously, 8 releases under their belt, this german outfit should have scored Lynch movies ages ago. With that given, you can sort of see where I'm going with this. Imagine the most decadent Exotica record but turn the speed EXTREMELY low, and you'll have a good idea what I am taking about. Lots of sax, rhodes, vibes, sustained piano, surf esque guitars playing minor chords, lots of synth, ethereal bass.. this is just a few of the formula that Bohren creates.

I happen to own every record, and I'm on the hunt for more of their vinyl releases which are VERY hard to find. For the first listen, I strongly suggest you listen to 'Black Earth', which was the record I was introduced to. Previously released in 2005, this album has such a high rate of front-to-end play. Every song is like a sequence in surreal murder story. Did I mention there are NO vocals whatsoever? Well, who needs vocals in this band. Every instrument speaks for itself in the most amazing ways, and leaves little room for any addition.

My personal favorite release has got to be Sunset Mission. This album released back in 2000, and I was no where the mindset of appreciating a band of this caliber. This entire record has spoken to me in so many influencial ways and now I will go into my Tiki comparison.
I DARE YOU to put this record on, serve yourself a proper martini, or even perhaps a simple style drink like a Chi Chi, and just sit back in the dark with this as your soundtrack. I will garuntee that it will be the proper soundtrack to a night at home, either alone, or with a certain someone..

I always prefer to add this to my mix of Les Baxter stuff and get a nice sleaze in my Lounge mood. I honestly think you need to just listen to the music and let it speak for itself.

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